3M 6200 Half Mask Respirator


Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, cost-efficient
  • Thermoplastic rubber increases softness and decreases weight
  • Multiflex system equalizes facial pressure
  • AnthroCurve conforms to each user’s face

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The 3M 6000 series reusable half face respirator mask helps to provide protection against particles, gases and vapours when used with an approved cartridge or filter (NIOSH). It’s vitally important when in an environment that has harmful gases to uphold your safety and health. Coupling the dual airline respirator the correct cartridges/filters is vital and 3M are one of the best to ensure you uphold your safety and health through the 6000 series respirators. The respirator is reusable as the cartridges and filters can be exchanged or disposed once used to capacity.


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3M 62003M 6200 Half Mask Respirator

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