No Exit


Mandatory Safety Signs

Self-adhesive Labels[300x400] RM16.00
Rigid Plastic Sheet [300x400] RM28.00
Self-adhesive Labels[400x600] RM37.00
Rigid Plastic Sheet [400x600] RM49.00


A “Prohibition Signs” means a sign prescribing behaviour. These signs are required to be red.  Prohibition Signs generally use a red safety symbol on a white background. Prohibition Signs are not, as some people believe, ‘those which are required by law’

Defination of a Prohibition Signs

  • Instruct staff and visitors that certain behaviour and actions are prohibited


Part NumberDescriptionTypeLength(mm) x Width(mm)
PS 1116No Exit

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Rigid Plastic Sheet300 x 400
PS 2116No Exit

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Self-adhesive Labels300 x 400
PS 1116LNo Exit

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Rigid Plastic Sheet400 x 600
PS 2116LNo Exit

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Self-adhesive Labels400 x 600


Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions0.2 × 30 × 40 cm

Rigid Plastic Sheet, Self-adhesive Labels

Dimensions (mm)

W:300 x H:400, W:400 x H:600


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