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The Advanrim Full Brim Yellow Helmet is designed to meet the requirement of SIRIM for shock absorption, resistance to penetration, stiffness and flame resistance. This helmet comes with comfortable 6 point head harness, and is compatible with all our earmuff and eye protection. The various PPE combination have been tested as an “approved combination” under Z89.1: 2015 and MS 183: 2001

  • Shell Material : ABS
  • Description : ABS Shell fixed with Swivel Ratchet harness system
  • Harness : Swivel Ratchet harness
  • Compliance : MS 183 : 2001, Z 89.1 : 2015

This helmet is made to absorb the energy of an impact by partial destruction or damage to the shell or harness; Even though such damage may not be readily apparent, any helmet subjected to severe impact should be replaced.


Storage & Maintenance

When not in use or during transport, this helmet should be stored in a container such as that is out of direct sunlight, away from chemical or abrasive substance and cannot be damaged by physical contact with hard surface/items. Assuming the shell is stored in optimum conditions and visually checked occasionally, there is no reason why the self life should not be indefinite. However after 5 Years storage we would recommend the batch is returned to us for re-test

Cleaning & Disinfecting

The helmet may be cleaned with the use of soap and warm water and dried with soft cloth. The helmet should not be cleaned with abrasive substances or solvents and must not be stored in direct sunlight or in contact with any solvents. Clean and inspect regularly.

Inspection & Care of The Helmet

The helmet is a complete system consisting of shell and harness. The helmet’s shelf life is affected by many factors including the cold,heat,chemicals, sunlight, and misuse. The helmet should be examined daily for obvious of cracking, brittleness or damage to either shell or harness.

Deadline of Obsolescence

The date of manufacture os moulded under the peak of the helmet. The lifespan of this helmet depend on :

  1. Shelf life = 5 years, when stored in cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight.
  2. Service life = It is recommended this helmet be discard after 2 years.

In extreme circumstances it may be necessary to discard after 1 year.

Note : The helmet shoud be regularly examined and discard immediately if any deep scratches, abrasions or crack appear.



Helmet must be replaced if damaged due to severe impact or deterioration. Do not modify or remove parts. For harness replacement, please change the complete set of harness. Helmet may be seriously damaged by substances such as petrol, paint, adhesives, aerosol sprays or cleaning agent. Failure to comply the above instructions may result in serious injury or death. Please read the user instruction attached inside this packaging carefully.

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WHG3RS-YELLOWAdvanrim Full Brim Helmet – Yellow

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