Lanyard with Energy Absorber


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Features & Benefits Polyamide Lanyard with Energy Absorber

  • Most basic polymide integrated with energy absorber provides good absorbing properties should a fall occur.
  • Static strength more than 22kN and impact force will be under 6kN.
  • PG141065-SH : Built in with 1.6M-SH lanyard with 2-pcs carabiner & 1-pcs of energy absorber.
  • PG141069-LH : Built in with 1.6M-LH lanyard with 2-pcs carabiner & 1-pcs of energy absorber.
  • Conform to BS EN354 & SIRIM certification no: PP071005 for lanyard; BS EN355 & SIRIM certification no : PP071004 for Energy Absorber.
Part NumberDescriptionMore Information
PG141065-SHPolyamide Lanyard Snap Hook with E/Absorber
PG141069-LHPolyamide Lanyard Large Hook with E/Absorber

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Weight1.2 kg
Part No.

PG141065-SH, PG141069-LH


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