Body Harness Lanyard & Large Hook


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Features & Benefit Full Body Harness Built in Lanyard & Large Hook

  • 1-pcs dorsal attachment D-ring.
  • Mental buckle type chest strap.
  • Adjustable thigh strap
  • Available in blue colour with black strips.
  • Ideally positioned sit strap for extended comfort.
  • Built-in with 2.0meter polyamide lanyard with 1-pcs press large hook.
  • Comes with PG 0180 MPB Multi Purpose Bag.
  • Comform  to BS EN 361, BS EN354 & Sirim certification no:PPO71003, PP71005
  • Size : Universal
  • Weight : 1300gms
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BH7886-CBU-LOHFull Body Harness Built-in Lanyard & Large Hook

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