Tanizawa Super Eye ABS

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EPA – Easy Push Release Adjuster

  • The headband and chinstrap prevent the helmet from slipping and falling off
  • A new highly breathable material called “MAWAS” provides excellent sweat absorption abilities
  • Large ventilation holes in the headband ensure the wearer long-lasting comfort in the workplace

Feature & Benefit Eyewear

  • Softcover completely protecting the eye and shock absorbing
  • Adjustable angle for flexible belt latch or adjustable temples
  • 18 large vents to ensure good ventilation
  • Sightgard coating provides protection against fogging and good scratch resistance
  • UV400 protection level for smoky lenses (for transparent UV 99.9%)
  • Comfortable glasses for use with a helmet with attached hearing protectors because elastic strap does not affect the proper adhesion to the head protector.

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This TANIZAWA Super Eye ABS package Safety Helmet ABS light weight and electric resistant with MSA Altimeter goggle. The shell is smoothly finished material that provides the general outer form the helmet. It protects the head from direct impact and penetration from flying or falling objects. Holes inside the shell fix the harness in place. The Fitting suspension are composed of a hammock, a headband, a chinstrap etc. These fittings are the parts other than the shock absorbing liner, which are fitted to the inside of the shell in order to soften the impact acting on the head of the wearer.

  • JIS T8131:2000

The Altimeter helps take the risk out of eye injury whether working with chemicals, sanding, building or more. Its hybrid design makes it ideal for universal use; its thoughtful features and durable construction make it ideal in hazardous environments. Comes with a split headband and a set of temples.

Part Number Description Original Price
ST#148-E-EPA Tanizawa Safety Helmet ABS. White  RM 75.00
766765CAF Spoggle Altimeter Clear AF  RM 39.90
SGP-1001 Safety Goggle Pouch  RM 18.00
Total  RM 132.90

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