Caliber Shield – Faceshield


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Partner Proguard

Product Code : CS-FS-C (Clear Lens Model) / CS-FS-AF (Anti-Fog Lens Model)

Proguard Caliber Shield Face Shield is designed to protect against liquid splash and chemical for the general safety of industrial and healthcare usage.

  • Made of high quality ABS & PET
  • Come with 2 type of lens
  • 0.20mm Clear visor lens , 0.25mm Anti-fog visor lens
  • Optically Clear visor that provides perfect peripheral visuals
  • Anti-fog visor provides wide peripheral vision
  • Protect against airborne particles and liquid splashes
  • Easy to install and don
  • Can be worn over prescription eyewear and facemasks
  • Lightweight
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Caliber Shield – Faceshield

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Dimensions12 × 8 × 5 cm


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