Multi Gas Detector Diffusion Ventis MX4

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VTS-K1231100211 O2,LEL,CO & H2S


WarrantyTwo-year warranty including sensor and battery
Case MaterialPolycarbonate w/protective rubber overmold
DimensionsDiffusion (without pump)103 x 58 x 30 mm (4.1″ x 2.3 x 1.2″) without pump
WeightDiffusion (without pump)182 g (7.05 oz.)
Four Sensors                                   Combustible Gases LEL – Catalytic Diffusion O2, CO, H2S – Electrochemical

Measuring Ranges

Catalytic Bead





Gas (Symbol)                                 Range

Combustible Gases                        0-100% LEL


Oxygen (O2)                                   0-30% Vol

Carbon Monoxide (CO)                  0-1,000 ppm

Hydrogen Suphide (H2S)               0-500 ppm


1% increments


0.1% increments

1 ppm increments

0.1 pmm inrements

Operating Temp. Range-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F) typical
Operating Humidity RangeRechargeable lithium-ion battery pack(12 hour typical @ 20ºC) – without pump
Power Source / Run Times                        Rechargeable extended-range lithium-ion battery pack with LEL(24 hour typical @ 20ºC) – without pump
PriceRM 5,800.00


Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions16.9 × 8.8 × 4.5 cm


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