Account registration

How to buy on

Registration can be done through several methods.

  • Mobile – Through the “My Account” which is on the top left side or at the bottom
  • Desktop – Through the “My Account” which is above all the right or at the bottom

Registration can be done also using Facebook logo has been provided.

Account has been registered (Login section)

  1. Normal Login – Email and password
  2. Facebook Login – Just click on the Facebook logo

No account had been registered (Register section)

  1. Normal Register – Put your email and password
  2. Facebook Register – Just click on the Facebook logo

You can find the desired item using tab found on the window that has been in
set, either on the “SHOP” or the items according to the group itself.

Select the items you are looking for by clicking on the image or click on the “Select Options”.

If you are satisfied with the items selected through diversity
(Example: Lens Colour, Size, Colour, Size, quantity or other) that has been set,
you can click on the “ADD TO CART”

After that you can see the sign “right” at the top shows the items of your choice
has managed the inputs into the “CART” and to make sure which the “Your Cart”
together with the items you’ve selected.

If you have finished shopping you can directly click on “View Cart”

If not you can directly select the desired item and repeat the step above


Check your cart

After “View Cart”, screen will display the number and total value of your items.

In this section you will see is the overall value of your items in cart

After you are satisfied with your order, you can continue to “Proceed to Checkout”.


Delivery address setting

Please fill in the “Billing Address or Shipping Address” completely to avoid
your stuff do not delivery at the correct location.

Will be display on the screen, in the total value of your items to be purchased.


Place order

Please click the button for the type of payment method

Maybank2u – ATM Transfer/ATM Deposit/Online Bank Transfer
Paypal (In progress)

Click the “PLACE ORDER” to continue the transaction.

You will get the email confirmation from us for further action.

Good luck and have a nice day!


4 Easy Step

1.My Account – Login/Register (normal@fb login)

a. Return customer – Login
b. New customer – Register

01How to Buy_Login-Register


2. Go Shop

a. Product selection
b. Specification of product selection
c. Quantity
d. Add to cart

02How to Buy_Item Selected


03How to Buy_Spec Selection


3. View Cart

a. Confirm cart total
b. Proceed to checkout

04How to Buy_View Cart


05How to Buy_Checkout


4. Billing Details / Ship To a Different Address

a. Fill up the form completely
b. Payment gateway selection
c. Place order

06How to Buy_Billing


07How to Buy_Payment


After place order, you will get the confirmation email about your order and to make a payment instruction.

Thanks and have a nice day!


Pendaftaran akaun

Pendaftaran boleh di lakukan melalui beberapa kaedah.

  • Mobile – Melalui menu “My Account” yang berada di atas sekali sebelah kiri atau di bawah sekali
  • Desktop – Melalui tab “My Account” yang berada di atas sekali sebelah kanan atau di bawah sekali

Pendaftaran boleh di lakukan juga mengunakan logo Facebook yang telah tersedia.

Akaun telah di daftarkan (Bahagian Login)

  1. Login Biasa – Masukan Email dan password
  2. Login Facebook – Hanya klik pada logo Facebook

Akaun tidah pernah di daftarkan (Bahagian Register)

  1. Register Biasa – Masukan email dan password
  2. Register Facebook – Hanya klik pada logo Facebook


Cari barang yang ingin di beli

Anda boleh mencari barang yang diingini mengunakan tab yang terdapat pada tetingkap yang telah di
tetapkan, sama ada pada tab “SHOP” atau tab barangan mengikut kumpulan itu sendiri.

Pilih barangan yang anda cari dengan klik pada gambar tersebut atau klik pada tab “Select Options”.


Masukan ke dalam troli

Sekiranya anda telah berpuas hati dengan barangan yang di pilih melalui kepelbagaian
(Cthnya: Lens Colour, Size, Colour, Size, Kuantiti atau lain-lain) yang telah di tetapkan,
anda boleh klik pada tab “ADD TO CART”

Selepas itu anda boleh melihat tanda “RIght” di sebelah atas menunjukan barangan pilihan anda
telah berjaya di masukan ke dalam “CART” dan untuk mendapat kepastian nilai “Your Cart”
sama dengan nilai barangan anda yang telah di pilih.

Sekiranya anda telah selesai membeli belah anda boleh terus klik pada “View Cart”

Sekiranya belum anda boleh terus memilih barangan yang di ingini dan ulangi step di atas.


Cek troli anda

Selepas “View Cart” skrin akan memaparkan jumlah barangan anda dan nilai keseluruhan.

Pada bahagian ini anda akan melihat keselurahan nilai barangan anda di dalam troli

Selepas anda berpuas hati dengan keselurahannya anda boleh terus ke “Proceed to Checkout”.


Penetapan alamat penghantaran

Sekiranya anda belum mengisi alamat untuk penghantaran sila isi terlebih dahulu
di bahagian “Billing Address atau Shipping Address” dengan lengkap untuk mengelakan
dari barangan anda tidak sampai ke lokasi penghantaran.

Pada skrin in akan memaparkan keselurahan nilai barangan anda yang ingin di beli


Cara pembayaran

Sila klik jenis butang untuk cara pembayaran

  • Maybank2u – ATM Transfer/ATM Deposit/Bank Online Transfer
  • Paypal (Dalam proses)

Tekan tab “PLACE ORDER” untuk meneruskan transaksi.

Anda akan dapat email pengesahan dari kami untuk tidakan selanjutnya.

Selamat mencuba!


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